Sunday, October 30, 2011


"I'm nobody! Who are you?/Are you nobody, too?/Then there's a pair of us--don't tell!/They'd banish us, you know./How dreary to be somebody!/How public, like a frog/To tell your name the livelong day/To an admiring bog!" 

- Emily Dickinson

* * *

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world… as in being able to remake ourselves.”
-Mahatma Gandhi
* * *

"When it's dark out, you can see the stars"
-Awesome Coe Staff Member

  Have a good week!
-Coe Writing Center

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Marvelous Night

                You know that a night was well spent when you spend part of it in the ER. Not me, thankfully, but a friend I made. You see, this past Saturday I decided to attend the first Rug cutters pub dance of the year, which was, may I say, the high light of my first quarter here at Coe. For starters, people actually asked other people to dance, which was a novel feeling especially for me. On top of that, when I wasn’t dancing, I was jamming out with some girls to one side of the dance floor where we salsa-ed, chacha-ed or Charleston-ed by ourselves. And there was food. Lots of delicious food, including cookies and chips.
               However, that’s not the bulk of this story. The bulk of this story comes from a friend of Kelci’s and mine. His name is Andrew and he’s from Cornell in Mount Vernon. Now, a bunch of guys from Cornell drove to Coe to join us in our dancing, and Andrew was one of them. May I just say that he and I danced the coolest rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin’” that this world will ever see? In any case, he was nagging on Kelci for not dancing well, and they decided they should have a worm competition. You know that dance move where the person convulses on the floor repeatedly? Yeah, that one.  Things were going great.  Kelci started off and twitched beautifully, earning a few snide looks and a couple pity laughs.  Andrew went out to show off, but almost as soon as he was on the floor he was off it.  Unfortunately for our new friend Andrew, there was somehow a rock on the dance floor which split his chin wide open, and resulted in the three of us trooping over to the ER at Saint Luke’s for him to get stitches.
              Having said that, we were the happiest people in the ER. Dancing was a ton of fun and we told each other funny stories whilst waiting to be called up. Andrew took the stitches in stride, which is more than I would do, and after we impressed the nurses at Saint Luke’s by not being intoxicated in the slightest, we returned back to Coe.  We weren’t sure what to do as it was pretty late and we didn’t want to drive Andrew home, so we ended up sitting on the floor and drinking tea!   At the startlingly late hour of 2:30 a.m., I returned to my room to catch a few hours of sleep.
And that, for the record, was one of the best evenings at Coe I’ve had so far. 

  - Julia Pillard (and Kelci de Haas)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey friends!

Here's what blogging team did over fall break:

- "Cryztal" says: I got kidnapped and got my nails did! (for the first time!)

- "Shanifa" says: I went hiking and got my Halloween costume done! (simultaneously?)

- "Bill" says: I went to Meryl Streep's favorite pizzeria! (awesome!)

- "Heath-her" says: I fell asleep on an old guy on the plane! (I hope she didn't drool!)

- Julia says: I ate all organic eggs Benedict... BY ACCIDENT! (it was good though)

And we still managed to write our Moodle posts on time! Yay homework!

We hope you had a great fall break too! Stop by the Writing Center and tell us what you did over fall break!

  - The Blogging Team ;)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Quotes Of The Week!

In a floor kitchen, Sunday night at 8 PM...
“How many quarts are in a gallon?”

Writing Center Employee

“No.. Really?”

Writing Center Employee
“Yeah, think, a quart like a quarter...”

“I don’t get it...Sorry...”


* * *
in a floor lounge, Saturday Night (technically Sunday morning) at 2 AM...
Drunk girl (walking in randomly)
“Hey have you seen (unintelligible blurb)”

Sober people (sitting innocently)
“Nope, sorry”

Drunk Girl
“Oh. I see how it is. you’re those bitches from ill-a-noise...”

Sober People (who are not , in fact, from Illinois)
“do you need help getting to your room?

Drunk Girl
“NO! You’re just gonna take me to Ill-a-noise...”


At the “Be like a kid again night” (run by Student Activities Committee), Friday night at 11:30 PM

Friend 1
“I’m gonna go ape-shit with these coloring pages”

Friend 2
I’m gonna go more ape-shit with my coloring pages!!”

Student Activities Committee member
“(walks by silently)”

In class
“It’s better to give offense than to take offense”


  - The ears of Coe Writing Center

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am the reflector
on the highway
leading you away
from where you want to be.
My brothers and sisters
join hands along I-20.
Like constellations or biplanes
we spell out your fate
on gravel
baked by sun
and smiles you tossed us
from your rear view mirror.
Go ahead
turn the dial up two notches
or four.
Michele Norris and Robert Siegel consider
among things accidental glances
between passengers.
See the gum you tossed
when the taste of peppermint
disappeared from your tongue?
Your eyes
that could no longer follow
the mile makers
keeping time to the grooves
your tires tattooed across my back.
The reflection of a toddler
flinging goldfish and juice boxes
at the back of his mother’s head
whispering secrets
into the upholstery with colored crayons.
As you pass
take the time to read the notes
he leaves for you
in drool
expertly smeared across
windows his mother cleaned
at a rest stop
two exits back.
I’ve befriended the dial you grasp too tightly
from 92.9 to 106.7 in three seconds flat.
She speaks through country ballads
and late night talk shows.
Careful she’s coming unscrewed.
Soon you’ll replace her
like the map you shoved in the glove box
before stopping to ask for directions.
If you took the time to read
the twisted lines
you would see
that you’re folding my uncle
backward on his spine
his hair thinning from the edges
you’ve torn in frustration
after attempting to speak with him
in the dark or without your glasses.
He sees less of you now.
That box that sits on the dash
turn left ahead.
When you stopped for gas at exit fifty five
I mingled with the loose change
beneath your seat.
They listen for the sound
of your wallet as you take it
from the pocket of your jeans
the sound a new friend makes
before joining them to dance
among wrappers and crumbs.
Go on and break your twenty.
We’re all for change.

  -Rachel Epperly

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Introductions: Round Two

Hello again!
I never really know how to start these.  As you have probably deduced, these are more introductions for our new blog team!

Height: 5' 2"
Eye Color: Sea Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Class: Sophomore

Katie, a scorpio, can usually be found sitting in the Grantwood Gallery at the library, working on her 13 inch Apple MacBook Pro.  She harnesses her inner love of all things feline during her day to day life.  She likes the Frodo Baggins type, and if you are looking for some date ideas try going out to get strawberry ice cream.  But be warned: She's a black belt!

Height: 5' 8"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Class: Freshman

Rachel is a Gemini, and there's no telling whether she is the evil twin or not!  This monkey lover owns a swanky HP Pavilion and enjoys working on leather couches.  If you were to look in her fridge you would find grape juice, hummus, pickles, and carrots that are probably bad.  Don't let her mild shyness fool you: this girl's got spunk.

Look forward to posts from both of these girls as well as the start of our new segment, Quote of the Week, by Jane Lindemann!

  -Kelci de Haas