Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heidi's Blog Update #9

Today Kobe and I met in the Writing Center to discuss the Alumni Newsletter.  We have been putting together a list of names of alumni to contact for updates on their bios and to get the 4-1-1 who we haven't heard from very recently.  Kobe and I noticed that our current directory drops off around 2009 so that will need to be brought back up to date.  Kobe's hoping to contact many of our recent alums via Facebook.

We have also officially come up with a list of questions for our beloved, past WC consultants.  The questions cover where you are now, any marriages we aren't aware of, followed by kiddies if they're there, jobs, travels, and a favorite Dr. Bob story of course to add some pizazz.  If I were an alum, mine would say...

1. I currently am inhabiting the campus of Coe College for three jobs, but Batavia, IL is my hometown.
2. I am not married.
3. I don't have kids, but I love them! haha
4. Jobs were mentioned earlier, but I am working for Upward Bound, the beloved WC, the Heritage Office and very soon the bookstore again as well as work as a CAP leader.
5. I am suuuper excited for my spring semester abroad in Paris, France!  Yay! :)
6. And my favorite Dr. Bob story is when we went on our trip to Baltimore and D.C. my freshman year at Coe and en route to our night train from Chicago to D.C. at the train station in Aurora, IL we lost Dr. Bob while he was paying for the parking.  Good ol' Dr. Bob drove all the way to Chicago to make sure we made our train and then drove overnight to D.C. to meet us for dinner the next day.  It was crazy all around, but somehow we managed to get on the appropriate night train with thirty-some consultants and had a grand ol' tour of D.C. before thanking Dr. Bob tremendously for our fabulous, Indian food dinner that night after we had reunited.

Never any dull moments in the W.C., so we can't wait to hear about what you have to share alums!

   - Heidi Heaton

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heidi's Blog Update #8

Hey hey hey there readers!  Just wanted to make a quick post with kudos to Anna Hegland with help from Kobe Spencer on the fabulous newsletter that either has already greeted, or will be shortly greeting, you by mail this summer.  Yikes people, lots of strange stuff we've been eating!  My biggest question...and probably concern, lets be how so many people managed to work their way into consuming animal feces...hmmm? hmmm?  Stories to share at the first staff meeting and over our retreat I'm sure.

Speaking of retreats, and thus conferences, I must say I am suuuper pumped for our International Conference to San Diego!!  Now that I'll be a junior this year I have a guaranteed spot!  Huzzah!  Sadly I was not drawn for the Miami Conference this past fall but the trip to Baltimore the year before that was a very high expectations, which I'm sure will be met two-fold!

Tomorrow Kobe and I will begin work on the Alumni Newsletter, so I'll keep you posted on the goings on of that project!

Ta ta for now ("TTFN"  -Tigger...cause the wonderful thing about tiggers are tiggers are wonderful things!)

    - Heidi Heaton

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heidi's Blog Update #7

So today we finally began official work on the WC website...kind of. :)  Manderson and I met in the Writing Center now that we're both on campus and could find a free hour and began sorting through our list of possible adjustments to be made to the website.  Together we went through the list and color-coded the changes according to what would be easy to quickly implement, slightly more challenging, medium difficulty and slightly time-consuming, and more challenging tasks that would also take some time.  It seems like the first few things we could get a jump on would be general upkeep of the website, fact-checking, etc. as well as making easier to use tabs, and displaying our hours in a way that is easily noticeable and recurrent on every page of the site.

Other ideas we are tossing around for future updates are adding an "Events Calendar" with "Upcoming Events" which we may have found a google gadget that covers this area and would allow us to post when Sunday Dinners are and Tuesday Teas.  We also looked into creating and Online Chat box which students could enter questions and thoughts in from their computers and the sloth in the WC could respond to.  We also looked into creating an "Assignment Planner" for students so they can enter in the date the assignment was given in class and the date it is due, and a calendar will generate a schedule which helps them manage their time throughout the writing process until they turn their papers in.  And lastly to keep our creative juices running today, we considered a scrolling consultants' advice bar at the bottom of the website page that adds personal flare and appeal.

Manderson is having a meeting with Dr. Bob either on Monday the 25th or Tuesday the 26th and I am also having Dr. Bob sign timesheets that Monday, so we will discuss with him then what he thinks is plausible to pursue in terms of updating the WC website this summer.  Should be exciting to start on this new project and get the WC site looking up-to-date and frequented by viewers hopefully...since that's the point of a site like that. ;)

Other than that, not much news for now.  Enjoy those WC summer newsletters as they arrive!  I saw the copies that are to be sent in the WC and from what I saw, looks like Anna did quite a spiffy job and I can't wait to read mine in more detail.  Can't wait to get to know you new staffers!

Happy Summer!

  - Heidi Heaton

Anna's Blog Post #5

Current and Incoming Staffers: this post's for you. Below is an article from the newsletter (which you'll be receiving in a few days!) and we trust you'll all read it, but just in case, here's some very important information that you'll be needing.

"All new Writing Center consultants should plan to arrive at Coe on Monday, August 20 -- two days before the beginning of full Orientation Week activities on Wednesday. The schedule will be as follows:

  • New staff members can move into their residence hall on Monday, August 20.
  • New Staff Orientation will begin Monday at 5:00 p.m. with a meeting in the WC (located in Gage Annex), followed by a group meal and informal socializing.
  • Tuesday, August 21, our day-long orientation will begin with a breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and conclude with a group evening meal at a local restaurant.
Because we need to provide detailed information to the Office of Residence Life concerning the dates and arrival times for all Writing Center staff members, please send an e-mail message by Monday, July 2, confirming your plans for arrival on campus with Mike Anderson (, our New Staff Orientation Coordinator.

If you are a new staff member and have a potential conflict with the New Staff Orientation schedule, please let Mike know the nature of the conflict so that alternate arrangements can be made for initial staff training.

For returning staff members: we would love to have as many staff members as possible help with the New Staff Orientation. Please contact Mike if you are already going to be on campus or you would like to come back early and help on August 20 - 21."

Got that? There's a few important deadlines that must be met. Remember to e-mail Mike by July 2!

  - Anna H. & the CWC Summer Staff

Anna's Blog Post #4

Hey all!

The Summer Newsletter is officially finished and in the mail! Current staffers: look for it in your mailboxes in the next couple of days. Alums and other interested parties: here is a PDF copy, so you can see what we're up to! It's even in color, so you can see just what a good looking staff we have here at the Coe Writing Center.

Happy Reading!

  -Anna H.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Heidi's Blog Update #6

Why hellooooo dear readers!

It's been a long while it seems since I last sent out a post so I thought I'd drop by the WC today and see what material it could provide for another weekly update.  I've been incredibly busy with Upward Bound, this being the first week (though I don't anticipate getting more sleep as the program continues), but I have an hour off from 9:40am-10:50am so I decided to give the plants a check-up, distribute the necessary vitals, and hop on to the blog.

Plants so far so good...I haven't killed them yet...yay!!  I think that means they've all lasted longer than the flower I had freshman year, though this could be due to the fact that one is a cactus, palm tree, and some other strange, "leave me alone, Heidi, and I'll be fine" plant.  They're currently residing outside the WC beneath a much larger, and more successful plant...a tree...and sitting in the shade and mulch.

As for inside the WC, there are now several dirty cups in the sink...which yes...means the WC cannot stay as immaculately clean as when I took Clorox to it...but also that there are actually inhabitants here...yay again!!!

I booted up our trusty, front desk computer after watering the plants and gave my sis a buzz.  I had just gotten off the phone when Dr. Bob popped out of his office.  We both had no idea the other was there, haha, so much for sound traveling easily in the WC.  We then discussed timesheets, which I will be taking care of again this month for June.

I also sent out an email to Mr. Kobe Spencer and Mr. Manderson about our website and alumni newsletter projects.  Can't wait to give those a go.  Should be very fun and entertaining I am sure.  And can't wait to hear the news our alumni have to share!

I'll have to check in and read some updates Anna's been posting too to make sure I'm not sounding redundant, though this post is pretty person specific, but here's to keeping you entertained via our blog this summer!

Much love from the quiet, used furniture store...aka, the WC. ;)

  - Heidi Heaton

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anna's Blog Post #3

A strange thought crossed my mind while I was once again noticing how quiet the Writing Center is during the summer: what would the Writing Center be like without the people who use it? It's quiet now, when everyone's home for the summer and we're closed for conferences, but what would it be like if we opened this fall and no one showed up? If we had Beavers on duty at the front desk, eagerly awaiting a conference, and Frogs and Sloths doing their homework at the nearby tables and couches, wondering if they're going to get to practice that new conference technique that they promised themselves they would implement this year, but no one came in. What would we do? It's interesting to think about how much we depend on the students who actually use the Writing Center as the resource that it is. But this is true for any business: without customers, there is no business. The WC is special in that we, as consultants, use it as well, acting simultaneously as customers and business-people (that's the  gender inclusive word for it, right?), so we wouldn't be totally without conferences; but without outside students to come in, what would the WC be like? 

Just some food for thought on this Thursday afternoon.

  - Anna H.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anna's Blog Post #2

Hey everyone! After a busy weekend at Bill and Kayla's wedding (we've been best friends ever since Orientation and FYS class -- and they're married now!) and some hard work cleaning up the CWC (while Heidi was busy vacuuming, I was slaving away over some of Dr. Bob's filing cabinets), I'm back on the blog. Heidi's been doing a great job of keeping everyone updated, while I'm remembering exactly why I don't have my own blog (I never know what to write about and thus, don't ever post anything).

But now it's time for another update on the summer newsletter! The response to our staff biography questions was a little overwhelming, but what else can you expect with a staff of 72! When I sent off the email requesting everyone's information I include a few words of warning: if people didn't turn in their bios by a specific date, Kobe and I would be making them up. True to my word, when three bios never turned up, Kobe and I got to work inventing some creative details about our coworkers' lives. I'm sure one day they'll be able to laugh about it as much as we are.

After a Dr. Bob sighting yesterday, the CWC has once again descended into silence. (For everyone who's wondering, it's still just me and Whitney Houston's greatest hits.) The quiet isn't so bad though. I get a lot done! For one glorious afternoon about a week ago, we had a total of four people in the Writing Center -- three of whom were working! That's right. Kobe, Heidi, and I were all in the CWC at the same time (a first for this summer!). It was kind of fun to hear how much more lively the Writing Center became :)

Regretfully, I must return to the land of file cabinets. Two down, one to go!

  - Anna H.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Heidi's Blog Update #5

It's official! ...There are now slightly more people on campus now that May term is over.  That being is still a verrry slight number, but regardless, nice to have more faces to see.  Today when I arrived at the WC to work, Dr. Bob was there after spending May in England.  He's leaving again for a conference tomorrow and is busy as ever as our WC director.

After discussing some of the WC's goings-on, I began looking over our past Alumni Newsletters again, this time paying particular attention to the alums we have contacted in the past so we can contact a diverse group of our alums this summer to get an update on y'alls life. :)  So be prepared for an email soon asking you lots of questions about yourselves.  We'd love to hear from you, both recent grads...we miss you already seniors!...and you beloved grads from years past.

Well, not sure there is much else to update on.  I know...preeetty exciting ;).  Happy summer!

  - Heidi Heaton

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Heidi's Blog Update #4

So I thought I would take it upon myself and through the medium of this blog to announce to all of our WC alumni, current staff, and future staff that our very own, beloved, Mrs. Kayla Borseth is now married to Coe's equally adored Bill Borseth!!!  Yay!!! Congratulations to the both of them!  The wedding was yesterday, Friday, June 1st, and both Bill and Kayla looked stunning and joyful beyond description.

Some other WC staff members present besides myself were Anna Hegland, Kayla Musjgerd, and Haley Welby.  And of course the lovely lady herself, Kayla Borseth.  Very weird referring to her by her new last name, but I am so happy for her and the future that she and Bill have ahead of them.  None of us could believe we were experiencing our very first, non-relative, friend's wedding.  We're all growing up so fast!! haha :)

Our lovely ol' WC is just as quiet as it was pre-wedding festivities and events, but I am happy to say that it still looks nice and clean like I left it that day.  Of course not much of a challenge keeping it tidy right now because there are only three of us there on an occasion, though Manderson will be joining us from England very shortly and Dr. Bob soon after that.

Anna is doing a lovely (wow I like that adjective today) job on the summer newsletter and it is almost ready for your eager eyes to see.  Some of those bios will be pretty amusing...especially for you dear Ry Ry. ;)  As for other events...Kobe and I are beginning to think about the alumni newsletter...aka, we both asked each other if the other had thought about it ;)...and will soon be ready to shoot out an email to all you alums and recent grads to hear about your plans and activities post Coe, so get ready to brag about yourselves!  Other than that...the first-year summer writing exercise will be opening up this month, the 22nd, and we already have one first-year signed into Moodle and anticipating the submission date...good for you eager beaver!!

Well that seems about all I can muster up for news right now.  Hope everyone is enjoying a summer of incredibly nice weather so far!

  - Heidi