Thursday, October 23, 2008

Notes on May Term in the Lake District

Here are the details for Bob's May Term in the Lake District, straight from the source:

May Term 2009: Writers Colony (RHE-335): Walking in England's Lake District

This course involves a 26-day trip to England, departing on Tuesday, May 12 and returning to the U.S.A. on Sunday, June 7. The group will fly to London and stay for three nights at a London hotel. This portion of our schedule combines opportunities for tourist-type stuff (visiting the Tower of London or seeing a West End musical) with academic work relevant to the course (studying 18th- and 19th-century English landscape painting at the Tate and National art galleries). On Saturday, May 16, we travel by coach to Grasmere in the Lake District and stay for two weeks at an estate on the edge of Lake Grasmere. The property–Dale End Farm--is a renovated 17th-century farmhouse and barn; further information about this facility is available at the property manager’s web site ( After staying at this farm for two weeks, we hike over an intervening hillside and spend a third week in two cottages in the village of Chapel Stile, located on the edge of the Langdales. We return to London on Saturday, June 6, and fly back to the U.S.A. on Sunday, June 7. Our course readings and research will focus on how the Lake District was first described and celebrated by William Wordsworth and other 19th century poets, artists, and travel writers. The class assignments include daily walks (rain or shine) in this remarkable countryside. The writing assignments invite students to explore the Lake District and consider how their perceptions compare with those of previous residents and travelers. The course can count toward a major in Writing or Creative Writing.

The program cost for the course will be $2,175. This fee covers costs for housing, most meals, airline and coach transportation, and fees to museums and art galleries. During the three weeks in Grasmere and Chapel Stile, participants will be responsible for preparing their own meals. Students should plan on having available at least $400 during the trip to cover incidental food, travel, and entertainment expenses. Course enrollment: maximum of eight students.
The application should include year in school, academic major, and a one-page statement explaining the reasons for wishing to enroll in the Writers Colony course. E-mail applications are accepted.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A WC Boondoggle

Any meeting that starts out with Mediterranean goodies and a variety of fruit-flavored ice creams is a good one, as far as I'm concerned.

We discussed the question: what do you do when someone comes in for a conference with a, to your estimation, near-perfect paper? We split into groups of 6 or so and discussed for 15 minutes. Groups' results will be posted to the I-Drive at some point in the future.

Next week's meeting will be in the Lynch Room par normal; we'll be doing a trial poster session.

Reminder: applications for Bob's May Term in the Lake District are due on Friday. For more information, talk to Bob, or one of the WC's three 2007 alumni: me, Whitney, Johanna. See photos below.

Now, Vegas stuff:

-Las Vegas, we learned, means: "The Meadows." And I embarrassed myself.

-The vans to Omaha leave at 7am on the 29th; you should plan to be there by 6:45. Sugary snacks will be provided, but not orange juice, because Kaitlyn is allergic. Weird.

-The flight departs from Omaha around 2pm. We're flying Frontier airlines, "the school bus of the sky." Remember: no checked luggage. Pack light, we may need to walk to the hotel. Bob rarely travels with a handbag, but that's up to you.

-We're slated to arrive in Vegas around 5pm, and once you're checked into your room you have the evening free (Saturday evening will also be free). There are 8 menfolk attending and only 4 beds. Nice. So if you're averse to sleeping with Bob, he suggests you bring a pillow.

-Meals in Vegas: you can count on having 2 meals/day provided; plan adequate spending money to cover the rest. We will not have a car, either, so...plan accordingly, I guess.

-As far as WC shifts go while you're in Vegas, check the schedule to make sure at least one person is working.

-While at the conference: You must keep a journal of your experience, whether you're in Topics or not. More details regarding this forthcoming. You will also be responsible for attending a certain number of sessions at the conference. If you don't want to do this, Bob says, no problem, just give him a check for $500 to cover your expenses.

-As a final note: if you plan to enter into a state of marriage while in Vegas, Bob requests that you please refrain from changing your name - it's a hassle with the airline tickets.

--Till next week,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Lake District Photos



Here are some updates from Bob:

-Tomorrow's staff meeting will be held in the Writing Center instead of the Lynch Room. We'll have delicious, free food from Aladdin, so come early (5:45) to get some chow.

-Topics this week will meet in the library by the downstairs computer lab. We'll be having an e-portfolio workshop.

-For Vegas people: you're responsible for contacting all of your professors to let them know you'll be gone and to take care of any missed assignments. Presentation teams will be meeting individually with Bob sometime this week, and should plan to have completed posters ready for next Monday's meeting (the 27th).

-If you're considering applying for the May Term Writers Colony in the Lake District, applications are due this Friday (24th). "The application consists of a one-page document indicating the reasons why you would like to be enrolled in the class." For more info, contact Bob, or talk to one of the WC's alumni: Jenna, Whitney, Johanna. Here, for solidarity, are some Lake District photos from the 2007 May Term:


go here for more photos

Thursday, October 2, 2008

random daily wc pic

andy mans the front desk

turechek tomorrow


The Turechek Symposium for Off-campus study is tomorrow. There will be a panel of returning students, Q&A, poster sessions, and probably hors d'oeuvres (well, Sodexho lemonade and cookies, but still). If you're thinking about studying off-campus, have studied off-campus, or just want some free food, then come to Upper Gage between 2:00-4:00 tomorrow (Friday).


Wednesday, October 1, 2008