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Welcome to the Coe College Writing Center blog. We're a group of over 75 undergraduate consultants who help Coe students with their papers. Students can bring in papers at any stage of the writing process, from the initial brainstorm to the final revision. Our space is full of comfy furniture, collected from all sorts of neat places, a heavy duty coffee maker, a water heater which sings to you when the water is finally hot enough, and a full size kitchen to satisfy all your cooking and baking needs. We're open six days a week (Sunday-Friday) most times from 8 AM until midnight.

But we're much more than just a space to work on your writing. We're a place for many of our consultants and student writers. Upon walking into the Writing Center during our business hours, someone is always at the front desk, ready to greet you. Come in for a conference? Have a complimentary beverage or cookie made by one of our staff members. Just need to do some homework? Take a seat on one of our couches or at the large table in the back next to the kitchen. Want to share good news? It's not a surprise to have a consultant come into the Writing Center, bursting at the seams with good news.

Coined by a former consultant as a "mecca of random conversation," the Writing Center thrives on good conversation on basically any topic, nothing is off limits. The atmosphere of the Writing Center helps to stimulate conversations and often our mobile white board has a written question waiting to be answered.

Started in 1986, the Writing Center is a spot many people call home. Our blog is about the culture of the Writing Center, straight from the consultants who work here. Feel free to explore the site and don't hesitate to comment on posts or shoot us an email (see Blog Editors tab). We want to hear from you!

If you're looking for even more information and history on Coe's Writing Center, head on over to our Writing Center website.

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