Monday, November 15, 2010

Coe Football Team makes Playoffs

For the second consecutive year the Kohawk football team has made the Division III national playoffs. O why do you care? Well maybe you don't...But that's okay! For those of you who do it's really quite the feat. You see, there are over 420 teams in NCAA division III athletics, and just 32 of these teams qualify for the playoffs. That's 7.6% for all you math majors out there (over half of Division teams go to a bowl game by comparison). But the really incredible thing is that out of those 32, 26 of them qualify by winning their conference and earning automatic bids, leaving just 6 at large bids for the remaining teams. Coe has earned an at-large bid each of the last two years, marking the first time in school history that this has occurred. The team travels to Wheaton, Illinois to square off against the Thunder this upcoming weekend.
O yeah I also play football for the Kohawks (I am just one example of essentially all writing center staffers involved in numerous activities)...I actually had to miss the staff meeting tonight due to practice...whoopsies...But in any case that's the update for now! GO KOHAWKS!

-Matt Barnd, '13

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Fun Times...Writing Center Scavenger Hunt

Hey all your WCers!

An important consultant skill is the ability to find literally anything to keep a conference on a happy note. We need to satisfy the needs of our student writers and if they ask for a hot dog bun, well gosh darn it, we should know where they are. So, the two o'clock Friday consultants put together a scavenger hunt, can anyone find them all? If you can, come to Hailley to pick up your "semi-valuable" prize.

1. Bob Dole
2. Red tape dispenser
3. Inquiry : Questioning Reading and Writing
4. Dr. Bob
5. Writing Center Scrapbooks
6. Hot dog buns
7. Half a cup of bottle caps
8. Bob the Builder and friends
9. Wigs
10. Fire extinguisher (because Courtney M. says that everyone must know where that is)
11. Yellow sign that says "Workshop Corner"
12. Coffee beans
13. Find the Macaroni and Cheeseaspargus crayon

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baltimore Highlights!

Hey gang!

The crew from Baltimore is back and we are now in the process of catching up on all the homework we missed since our train didn't have Wi-Fi. It was a blast and here are some highlights from the people who went:

- Amber running out to the train platform with the tickets high in her hand saying, "I've got the tickets from Dr. Bob!!" - Amber and Holly

- Wandering around the harbor in Baltimore and the seafood on Friday night. - Katie Selinger

- The free food. - Emily Hipps

- Mango Laisses. - Krista

- When I (Alex) texted Amanda asking, "Are we boarding the train yet?" Amanda texts back, "Yeah we're already on the train and we saved you seat." (This was problematic for Alex because she was still in the station) - Alex

- Interpretive reading of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on the night train complete with Gryffindor scarves and hat. - Hailley Fargo

More highlights to come! If you did come and have highlights, comment on this post! :)


P.S. Here's a group photo, compliments of Anna Barton!