Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grant Wood Slept Here...

Any self-respecting Cedar Rapidian must possess at least a cursory knowledge of Grant Wood either because of the Marvin Cone connections or the fact that American Gothic is perhaps one of the most recognizable American paintings. So here it is, all you ever needed or even really cared to know about Grant Wood.
The Grant Wood studio is now owned by the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art and is just a short walk from Coe. (Check it out, it's free on Saturday and Sunday). Number 5 Turner Ally, he called it. Wood moved into the former hay-loft of a mortuary carriage house in 1925, because before that had hearses, they had horses! After the advent of cars, the Turner's no longer needed a hay-loft and donated the space. It was in this space that he painted American Gothic and most everything else.
So, go to the studio if you're ever in the neighborhood.

P.S. American Gothic is of Grant Wood's dentist and sister.