Monday, March 30, 2009

Minute (my-noot!) Minutes

The meeting is off to a...ahem...rousing start as Bob takes one of Marie's "Love is in the Air" sex toy catalogues and says "" in a horrifying way. Make it stop. Fortunately there is "business to take care of before your erogenous zones can be activated." Eeeeuw.

Posters for studiers-abroad are sent around to be decorated and signed.

---Prospie discussion---
(contact Bob if you have something further to say about any candidates)

By this point there are only eight minutes to go until House begins, so a few last minute items on the agenda:

Andrew Boone and the Service Learning Committee have a few activities. If you'd like to volunteer at Johnson Elementary, please contact Hanna Werner.

The other item of discussion is our potential participation in a Kids Against Hunger food drive. Raising $500 will allow us to package 1,200 meals for underprivileged people: we can choose how to divert these meals. Bob generously offers to go halvsies, which means that we would have 70 people to cover $250. Someone calculates that this is about $5 per person, though I can't verify this calculation. The Kids Against Hunger people will bring the food and shipping supplies to Coe, and we will work to package things on a sort of assembly line following a Monday meeting, most likely within the next three weeks.

And, break.

Monday, March 23, 2009

eyes peeled

Since its inception, many moons ago, the Writing Center has had only five directors. Tonight we were lucky to witness the coming together of two in one room: Bob Marrs and Steve Singleton. Steve is here to speak about conferencing lab reports. Bob says that chemistry professors are the most thoughtful, interested in writing-type people at the College, and Steve reinforces this concept by starting the meeting with, "I'm kind of winging this...I had to pull it out of my aaa...head." To be fair, he kindly agreed to be here at the very last minute.

Steve recounts that directing the WC inspired him to incorporate the things he learned into his chemistry classes, and caused him to think a lot about the way people learn.

Lab reports: handouts were circulated (talk to Steve if you want one). In science, there are strictly-adhered-to conventions which are designed, "over eons of honing," to ease communication through standardization. This structural rigidity is supposed to make things easier. Steve makes a horribly crude joke about "spots left over from reproduction" that has something to do with punctuation marks on xerox machines. ?

For citations, find a style guide or journal. Basically, science reports are insanely finicky. Focus on implementation of ideas in addition to the ideas themselves - how to present info graphically.

Some sample dialogue:
Steve, to Bob: "That's a good question, Bobby."
Kevin: "Can we call you that?!"

Now, on to this weekend, which, as you all know, is Prospie Weekend. Yes it is. There are 33 competitors (with 9 potential additions). Because there are only nine male consultants living on campus and nine male WC prospies, all WC menfolk are strongly pleaded with to host. Apparently the weekend will include a scavenger hunt and snacks. If you haven't already done so, please fill out the hosting/shift sheet (see Malyssa Oblander or Katie Blanchard). A revised copy of the schedule will be posted on the front desk on Wednesday.

Does anyone have a cot? Talk to Andrew Klingler.

If you want to be a Writing Fellow next semester, you should register for Topics just in case, as the Fellows program hasn't been finalized yet.

Tentative plans have been made for a January Topics in Composition course on Tybee Island, Georgia! Bob used to do this trip frequently in years past, but it has never been offered during my tenure at Coe. I'm terribly jealous. Keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Tybee Island, 1990s



kevin loves frisbee

This message from Kevin, lover of all things frisbee, and all things ultimate:

Support Waypoint! Play Frisbee!

Coe Egalitarians Supporting the Advancement of Women (CESAW) and Ultimate Frisbee are once again sponsoring The Waypoint Ultimate Frisbee Tournament! The tournament will be held on Clark Field, Saturday, April 4th to benefit Waypoint Services in Cedar Rapids, and we want you to be a part of it!

Any campus organization is welcome to form a team and come out and play with us! We are asking that each team donate a minimum of $10 to play, and the team that raises the most money in addition to that ten dollars will receive a prize. All donations will go directly to Waypoint.

We use the word "tournament" in the loosest sense of the word, meaning we encourage everyone to participate regardless of whether or not you’ve played before. In the interest of fairness, there will be no team consisting purely of those who normally play, rather, we are hoping to have as many organizations as possible show their support and learn a little about Ultimate Frisbee.

The games will be 20 minutes long. Each team will need a minimum of seven players on the field at all times, but you can have as many subs as you want. The more the merrier!

If you don’t have enough people to make an entire team, or find yourself just wanting to play, just reply to this e-mail and we will find a home for you.

Please respond to this email no later than Wednesday March 25th if you want to be involved. Minimum donations and team captains will be due April 1st.

Get us a fricken WC team, please. Perhaps you should mention that merely by responding to me/ I will form a team, and find a captain. All they have to do is sign up...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

nothing much to say

Hello, greater audience of the Coe Writing Center blog. I have been amazingly remiss in updating ... Apologies, deepest and heartfelt.

Upcoming CWC-related (however tangentially) events:
- The Ladies Literary Club contest.
- The James P. Young Essay Prize contest.
- Paul Engle Creative Writing Prize contest.

There will be more information on these events (currently I'm without the poster detailing these things ... I'm just all kinds of unprepared today) forthcoming.

Also: congratulations, Jenna, on a thesis well-defended!

- Leta

Monday, March 16, 2009


The Original Writing Center Staff, 1987

Okay. What happened at this week's meeting? Several things.

The idea of napkin-collecting as a hobby was brought up by the peeps at my table. Could be interesting.

Prospie weekend is a week from this Friday (March 27). We're encouraged to sign up to host one. Or, "bring a prospie into your den," as Bob likes to say. Shudder. It is best if the prospective students have good experiences here at Coe and decide attend next year, if only to bring in more tuition dollars to fund Bob's salary.

Next order of business: we've been corralled into participating in a letter-writing campaign asking the Iowa Legislature to prevent budget cuts to private IA colleges. The cuts would result in $600 less per year in scholarships for students. If you didn't write a letter at the meeting, talk to Bob or Grant for more information.

Lots of official business, but we still found time for cake.

Tally ho,

Thursday, March 12, 2009

news from the haunted book shop

As many of you know, Iowa City's Haunted Bookshop is owned by CWC alumna Nialle Sylvan and her husband, Kurt (rumor has it they met at the bookshop). It's a fun place to go for used books, readings, and lots of cats, and the big news is that the shop has expanded. Here it is, straight from the horse's mouth:

I recently bought and merged with a second bookshop. (If Bob doesn't know about this, please tell him so that he isn't confused next time he comes to visit!) Instead of calling it the Northside Haunted Fun Zone, though, we are sticking to the good old Haunted Bookshop name. The Fun Zone was the toyshop we adopted last summer. That's why, besides 40,000 books, we have puppets, glow-in-the-dark flesh-eating zombie figures, Marie Antoinette action figures with Ejector Head Action, and Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot for sale.

Awesome. The new location is at 203 North Linn Street, Iowa City, IA 52245 (Where Northside Books used to be).

Anyone for a fieldtrip?

Monday, March 2, 2009

t-rexs, rabbits and coca-cola bottles

Can you believe it's already March? I think I'm in denial. A happy thing to start off the meeting: Holly tried baklava for the first time and was delighted. People enjoying food delights me.

Cara Cavanagh came in to talk about the Fellowship Competition. Admissions is coordinating it this year rather than the Writing Center. It will be held March 27, and we are instructed to clear our schedules for that evening, what for entertaining the young 'uns. It would also be very nice if you could host a prospie overnight.

Next, we split into groups and discussed proposal ideas for next year's fall MWCA conference, which will be held in Rapid City, SD. I don't want to think about this - I'm too jealous.

Facts about the Badlands:
-They are awesome
-Prairie dogs live there
-There are lots of large, roadside attractions, like giant T-Rexs, rabbits and coca-cola bottles
-You can drive there in one day. Bob has done it.

It is advertised as an "un-conference," and the MWCA is apparently looking for "unusual ways of getting people organized." If you have any additional proposal ideas, email or talk to Bob.

What else...? There was a puppy at the meeting. She is a dachsund-spaniel mix named Penny. She belongs to either Danielle or Clarissa. She was stinky, but very sweet. We should have puppies at meetings more often.

--edit: Danielle has this to say:
The puppy was mine however Clarissa was nice enough to volunteer to accompany me on the trip to pick her up. If anyone wants to come over and play with my dogs you are more than welcome to any day of the week. Penny is cute and fluffy and Olive may seem big and scary however she's probably only capable of licking you to death. So let me know if you ever need a dog break and I will make arrangements!

Doggie Goodness: Olive & Penny
If you haven't yet filled out the self-assessment exercise or the networks of relationships form, grab one from Bob.

That's that.

- Jenna

*Note: I did not take any of these photos