Monday, September 26, 2011

Writing Center Staff At Blindspot

Last Friday night, the 23rd, a nearly-full house of Coe Students gathered in Dows to see the open-mic event: Blindspot. Frat boys commentated (ie yelled out) from their section, theatre denizens shamelessly plugged the upcoming play, and audiences roared as a very diverse group of “performers” did their acts. But let’s be honest here: the Writing Center peeps totally stole the show.
Staying true to one of the Writing Center’s most valued tricks--reading aloud--staffers Anna Heglud and Courtney Marti each did their own well-timed and super funny readings of some...well, unconventional stories.
First, Anna Hegland graced the stage, and, to most people’s shock, did a reading of a steamy story in the back of an old Cosmopolitan magazine. Wasting none of the hot details, she both mocked the story (which was, to be honest, pretty nasty) while simultaneously getting laughs from all of her fellow peers. Well done, Anna. Nobody will forget that any time soon.
Later, Courtney Marti stepped up to share an adaptation of Cinderella from her book, Politically Correct Bedtime Stories: Modern Tales For Our Life & Times. The story alone was great, but Courtney took it up a level: like all good story tellers, she did the voices, and everyone who knows Courtney knows that she is terrific at pretty much every imaginable dialect.
So yeah, everyone did great at Blindspot on Friday--great singers, Top 10 Lists, instrumentalists. But we can confidently say that the Writing Center staffers who performed will be remembered for quite some time.

  - Jane Lindemann

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