Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anna's Blog Post #1

Who would have thought that the Writing Center would ever be quiet? It's amazing, really. With the academic year at Coe finished and the majority of students at home, the Writing Center has been silent for days. As one of this year's summer staffers, I've taken it upon myself to remedy that situation (mostly for my sanity, but also because it just doesn't feel right to be in a quiet WC). However I'm not particularly creative right now, so "making sure the Writing Center isn't too quiet" has turned into "play all the Whitney Houston songs."

One of my tasks this summer is to put together the Summer Staff Newsletter. Every year, the student in charge of the newsletter gets to pick a new set of questions for staff members to answer, interview-style, in order to introduce the current staff to the incoming staff and vice versa. I'm posting this year's questions below so that all you alums (and whoever else happens to be reading) can play along at home. I'll also be posting a PDF copy of the newsletter once it comes out in mid-June, so you'll get to compare your answers with those of our staff.

So without further ado, our newsletter interview questions:

1. Name:
2. Year at Coe:
3. Major:
4. Hometown:
5. Summer Plans:
6. Weirdest Thing You've Ever Eaten:

So far there have been plenty of interesting answers to question six, ranging from playground pebbles to "my grandfather's cooking" to mac 'n cheese with chocolate chips. What an interesting bunch of people we've got here in the good old CWC.

  - Anna H.

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